Gender Pay Gap Report

Commitment to an Inclusive Workplace:

We have made strides in our inclusion journey and are renewing our commitment to our Action Plan to maintain and progress on gender equality and our broader inclusion ambition. Our Action Plan focusses on all aspects of the colleague lifecycle, to attract, retain and develop all genders in our workforce.

We appreciate the value that diversity brings and believe our workforce should be reflective of the communities in which we work, and the consumers that enjoy our products. While we continue to progress towards the representation of women in the organisation, we are also equally committed to a broader inclusion agenda.

Our Action Plan includes:

1. Promoting a positive work environment for all, through new and existing policies. In 2022 we implemented a Hybrid Working Policy and will continually review and refresh policies in 2023.

2. Ensuring all colleagues have equal access to opportunities and development supports. In 2022 we started providing return to work supports for colleagues returning from maternity leave, and broadened our talent attraction strategy for warehouse roles. In 2023 we plan to continue this work by striving further and achieving the Bronze Investors in Diversity EDI Mark, granted by the Irish Centre for Diversity.

3. Developing a career and reward framework that enables colleague promotion and succession. In 2022 we have completed talent and succession planning for senior leadership roles. In 2023 we plan to develop career and reward frameworks that help colleagues to develop and progress their careers with Valeo. This will benefit all colleagues, but especially females by having robust talent and development planning conversations to minimise gender bias.

4. Focus on creating a culture of inclusivity, with authentic and inspiring senior leadership. In 2023 we plan to continue our work towards being a Great Place to Work, by embedding communication channels and flows across the organisation, and investing in leadership and professional development for colleagues.

In line with the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021, this Gender Pay Gap Report outlines the Gender Pay Gap for Valeo Foods Ireland, the reasons for the gap, and the action plan to address the gaps. The snapshot date was the 30th June 2022.

  • Gender Pay Gap Mean: 11.43%
  • Gender Pay Gap Median: -1.55%
  • Gender Pay Gap Part Time Mean: 29.29%
  • Gender Pay Gap Part Time Median: 9.24%
  • Gender Pay Gap Temp Contractor Mean: 0.00%
  • Gender Pay Gap Temp Contractor Median: 0.00%
  • Bonus Pay Gap Mean: 54.60%
  • Bonus Pay Gap Median: 33.12%
  • Bonus Pay Proportion Male: 68.07%
  • Bonus Pay Proportion Female: 76.43%
  • BIK Pay Proportion Male: 27.71%
  • BIK Pay Proportion Female: 8.57%
  • Upper Quartile Male: 67.80%
  • Upper Quartile Female: 32.20%
  • Upper-Middle Quartile Male: 71.19%
  • Upper-Middle Quartile Female: 28.81%
  • Lower-Middle Quartile Male: 66.95%
  • Lower-Middle Quartile Female: 33.05%
  • Lower Quartile Male: 75.42%
  • Lower Quartile Female: 24.58%


We believe the reason for the Gender Pay Gap (of 11.43%) is due to a largely male workforce (71%), in line with the manufacturing and logistics industry, and our professional mix of occupations in the workforce. The reason why our Bonus Pay Gap is larger (54.6%) is due to the higher levels of our male aging workforce on larger legacy bonus terms from acquired businesses. The reason why our Part Time Pay gap is higher (at 29.3%) is due to a smaller number of men working part time in more senior roles. The reason why we don’t have a Temporary Contractor Pay gap is because we have no colleagues in this category.


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