We have a responsibility both to our employees and to the environment to operate in an honest & respectful way. Reducing our carbon footprint is an on-going commitment and goal for us and we continue to provide a happy and healthy working environment for our employees to thrive in.

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We consistently challenge and benchmark ourselves, our suppliers and partners to ensure that we uphold ethical practices. We are proud to say we put health and safety, labour standards, and employee wellbeing at the forefront of our business ambitions.

  • Manufacturing

    Locally based manufacturing facilities are a key asset to our business; however, we are always conscious of our impact on the environment. Over the past five years, we have reduced our electricity outputs by 23% and our gas and water usage have also reduced considerably during this time.

  • Distribution

    We balance the importance of running a local and large food business, while being sure to minimise the impact that transport has on our environment. We work hard to ensure our supply chain model is fluid and responsible. Insourcing business supply has reduced our accountability for European vehicles on the road, and we are committed to further reducing this.

  • Partnership

    Our charity partners, we feel, match the spirit and ethos of our company perfectly, as well as being close to our hearts – The Simon Community, who provide care for those without homes, and The Jack & Jill Foundation, who provide in-home support to the families of very sick children. We collaborate on partnerships both with brands & a number of fundraising initiatives run by our teams. We’ll be looking out for some marathon volunteers this year.

What Drives Us

Our driving force informs the decisions we make each day and define our future by providing the stepping stones we need to reach our goals. We are committed to realistic and achievable values that each member of our team can embrace and embody.

  • Creating partnerships & collaboration

    Our key partners and suppliers are essential to delivering our business goals, and we are committed in establishing long lasting connections. We strive to create seamless working relationships, and ensure mutual growth – because when our partners are happy, we’re happy too.

  • Seeking opportunities and taking risks

    We are determined to create an environment which encourages creativity, cultivates ideas and nourishes innovation. As we seek to understand our consumers’ needs, we continue to look into the future as we strive to better our products, our company and our goals.

  • Understanding consumers’ needs and wants

    We are devoted to satisfying our consumers, by providing quality brands that encompass their values and nourish their needs. Our main goal is to both strengthen and safeguard the deep connection and long lasting bond between our brands and loyal consumers.

  • Growing our business with pride

    We strive to create long term value for our shareholders, and to deliver results that create growth, prosperity and ample opportunity. It matters how our results are achieved, and we want a sustainable future, not just for our brands, but our consumers too.


At Valeo Foods, we understand that a company’s success relies heavily on the commitment, passion, energy and skills of their workforce.

We appreciate effort, reward results and continue to create working environments where our employees can reach their full potential.

Our business will continue to grow, and as it does, so will our requirement for energetic, like-minded team members. If you would like to join our team, please find the relevant details below.

Please click here for all current vacancies at Valeo Foods.

Alternatively, you can submit your CV to recruitment@valeofoods.ie