Our Story

At the heart of our business is tasty, nutritious Irish food & drink. From a laugh out loud moment with your favourite cuppa to a heart-to-heart over a delicious scone topped with jam – our great tasting food and drinks are the ideal backdrop for the moments that matter most.

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What we do

  • Food to Be Proud of

    Did you know that over 275 million of our products were eaten at a kitchen table or in front of the TV in Ireland last year?

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  • Blended to Perfection

    No great meal is complete without a complimentary beverage & ours are the perfect addition for any occasion.

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  • Professional Ingredients

    A good chef values their ingredients, so let our finest quality products make the difference.

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Quality Experts

Recipe Makers, Innovators & Product Creators committed to providing only the best quality food and beverages to millions of households, cafes, restaurants and bars across Ireland every day.
We bring together those with a passion for food, those with technical experience, then we add some creativity and watch the magic happen.

  • They tell us, “Laughter is brightest where food is best” and we believe it.

    Eating & drinking occasions are a vital part of everyday life – so providing great tasting food for every moment is a vital part of ours. No matter the occasion we are providing for, our love and passion for good food is at the heart of all that we do

  • Here at Valeo Foods, we champion and provide food and drink which we’re proud of, ingredients for meals that deserve to be savoured, and only the best tasting drinks blended to suit all taste buds. Our dedicated team of ambassadors, quality experts and food technologists work tirelessly to create products and recipes that our customers have grown to know and love.

  • Our 600 committed employees nationwide play a vital part in ensuring our products are nibbled, sipped, gobbled and gulped in more than 1.6 million homes across the country every day.

Our History

Our Vision

With such a rich history in providing the perfect bite or beverage for homes across the country, we pride ourselves on being the home of Irish food. Our products are chosen by millions of people every day and our vision is to grow to be part of every eating occasion in Ireland.
We will do this by continuing to provide the perfect product or ingredient to suit any moment.

our vision
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    As owner of some of Ireland’s most cherished brands and with such a diverse choice of everyday products, we are proud to say that over 275 million of our products were purchased by consumers last year.

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    Steeped in a rich history, our Jacob’s Biscuits, Batchelors and Odlums brands have been much loved staples made for kitchen cupboards since 1845

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    While everyone has their favourite - be it a Jammy Mikado or a Chef Bacon Butty, we still believe people are always looking for new experiences. Our wide range of quality products suit all occasions and tastes.

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    Our team love to explore different ways for people to enjoy our products and to find new products for them to enjoy. We love to create recipes & bring new products to the shelves which explore new tastes, flavours and experiences.

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    We are also committed to ensuring that our products are sourced responsibly and delivered sustainably, as well as being focussed on continued improvement in our company, our products and our practices.

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    Helping us work to achieve our vision of being part of every eating occasion in Ireland, ensuring that our food & beverages are of the highest quality, used and loved by consumers across the country.